It is common to think that a missing tooth is not something to be worried about. But in reality, it can have a bigger impact on your appearance, physicality, self-esteem, and health. More specifically, here are seven consequences to not replacing a missing tooth that you should be aware of.

Jaw Bone Loss

Jaw bone mass is preserved when it is properly stimulated, just as your muscles are through exercise. Chewing and biting work to keep your bone density strong and intact. A missing tooth will limit the amount of stimulation to that area of the jaw, resulting in the wearing or disappearance of bone.

Misalignment or Shifting of Surrounding Teeth

Without a tooth present, the teeth surrounding your gap will start to shift towards the vacancy. This shift will destabilize the root of your tooth, cause teeth to loosen, or become crooked. They are also more likely to chip or crack due to the extra pressure placed on them.

Changes in Your Facial Structure

While this will not be an issue if you are only missing a single tooth, large areas of missing teeth with change the shape and symmetry of your face. Facial muscles will begin to droop, alter your appearance, and possibly lower your self-confidence.

Lifestyle Disruptions

Unfortunately, a missing tooth can do much more than just disrupt your appearance. A missing tooth can result in chronic headaches, as your opposing teeth do not have anything to bite down onto. That tooth will start to over-erupt, damaging the gums and causing pain. This will then cause stress to your TemporoMandibular joint over time, giving you a never-ending headache.

Chewing and Speech Issues

It is obvious that a missing tooth is bound to affect how you choose your food and speak aloud. It is extremely difficult to properly break down food when you are missing teeth. While one might be a bit of an inconvenience, chewing or speaking while missing several teeth will negatively impact your digestion as well as your confidence when speaking in front of others.

Sinus Expansion

This consequence is specific to the location of your missing tooth. If you are missing teeth at the upper back area of your jaw, then it can affect the sinus cavity, causing it to expand. A missing tooth here will also encourage your jaw bone to erode.

Difficulties Cleaning

While the effectiveness of how you clean the surface of your teeth will not change necessarily, the shifting that occurs can make it harder to reach certain teeth. Being unable to clean your teeth will lead to plaque build-up, staining, and possibly tooth decay.

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