If your dentist has recommended that you wear a nightguard, it is very important that you do so that you don’t damage your teeth and wear them down, which will lead to a number of health problems that can be avoided. 

Nightguards are normally meant for patients who grind their teeth, which often happens when the person is sleeping. This condition is known as bruxism and without the proper protection, it will destroy the tooth enamel and may also chip or crack your teeth. This is very problematic because once the enamel has been destroyed, it cannot be replaced and the damage is irreparable. Other tooth issues can be fixed but at a very steep price and restoring damaged teeth is a process that can be very uncomfortable. 

Grinding your teeth and clenching of the jaw will not only harm your teeth, they will cause headaches and result in a sore jaw and facial muscles. You may also experience pain in the face, jaw, and neck but all of these things are controllable if you wear a nightguard while you sleep to separate your teeth, which will prevent you from grinding them. Nightguards are very safe and effective and the best option when it comes to protecting your teeth. 

Once it’s confirmed that you require a nightguard, the next step is to figure out which one is best. There are over the counter nightguards that can be purchased at pharmacies and these will fully cover both the top and bottom row of your teeth. There are different variations including ones that have to be boiled in order for it to form and others that have a cushioning that moulds to your teeth. Over the counter, nightguards do tend to wear out quickly, which is why you must replace them every few months. 

Custom made nightguards are more comfortable and effective because they are professionally fitted and custom-crafted so that it addresses your specific dental needs. A custom nightguard is made specifically for you and will last a very long time, which is why they are more expensive but if you want the best protection and a nightguard that is specific to your unique needs, this is definitely the better option.  

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