The older we get, the more problems we can encounter when it comes to oral health. Seniors especially have to be careful because there are more risks associated with older age. so it’s extremely important to stay on top of your oral care routine and keep your mouth healthy and clean.

There are several reasons why seniors are more at risk when it comes to their oral health and one of the main ones is medication. Many seniors are required to take certain medications, and in many instances, it’s more than one, which can lead to a dry mouth. Many people don’t think of the dry mouth as a serious problem but the reality is that it’s a condition that can lead to cavities as well as other oral problems. It’s even worse for seniors because they tend to develop more cavities after a certain age because the roots of their teeth are different than younger adults. A dry mouth can also lead to bacteria forming in the mouth. which can travel and if not properly taken care of, will develop into infections that will have a very serious effect on your overall health.

Maintaining the health of your mouth is important at every age, regardless of the number of teeth you have. Many seniors think that after losing a few of their natural teeth they can cut back on their oral hygiene but that is not true and your mouth needs to be clean at all times. Even if you lose all of your teeth you need to take very good care of your mouth because food particles and bacteria will continue to accumulate, which can lead to a number of problems. When food debris is left in the mouth, it will cause a build-up of plaque on your tongue and remaining teeth, and even on your dentures. This will lead to cavities, sores, and a lot of irritation that can be prevented. It will also cause your mouth to have a bad odor. 

Another issue is that many seniors think that if they have dentures their mouth does not require as much care when in reality, dentures need just as much care as your natural teeth. Whether you have all of your natural teeth, just a few or none at all your mouth needs to be taken care of and you must continue with your daily oral care routine whether you have dentures or not. Failing to do so will only lead to painful problems and frustration.

Good oral hygiene is a must every day and at every age. A good dentist is very important too, which is where Anabella Dental comes in to help. If you’re worried about the state of your teeth and the condition of your mouth, reach out to Anabella Dental Today for a healthy mouth and a great smile!